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Build Log
Voltage Regulator 2s to 5v

This is a mini build (solder) log of my voltage regulator for DLG use.

After reading various threads on the subject and collecting many advices, I decided to make my own voltage regulator.

Why? Well, there are couple of reasons for that...
First, up until now I've flown my gliders on 4 NiMh 400mAh cells. Those provide sufficient time for 2 analog and 2 digital servos, but when I went for 4 digitals (2xJR285 2xDS09) my max flying time went down.
Second, trying something new is always welcome.
And finally, I've been always confident in my soldering skills, I always solder my own packs, switch jacks and the wiring in the pod, with no issues.

So, here we go.
I've found this regulator for the job: KA278RA05C. This is a low dropout voltage regulator. It is important if you run the pack to the limit. This regulator is rated up to 2A, so no issues here for overload. The unit has 4 legs as it can deliver adjustable voltage along with a constant 5v - which I'm interested in.

One 0.1uf capacitor is soldered across input terminals and another slightly larger 22uf is placed on the outputs.

The whole assembly is shown in the pictures, "standard" dead bug installation, with my connectors of choice. Female JST for the input and servo connector for the output.

I used my standard lightweight leads (white). These are very light and high quality, these come from wired strain gages... And, I have tons of them so I use them wherever I can.

The whole thing resulted in 4.8gr ready for use. Next, I have to wait for my LiPo to arrive and will install it in my SG instead of the NiMh pack.

Next, I should try to make it on a PCB to make it neater. Maybe I should prewire the SJ to the regulator for the next one.

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