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Originally Posted by mrmurder1975 View Post
thanks for your input pete. i agree,a fresh set of eyes on it might notice something i have not,sometimes you just get so wrapped up in something that you can not look at it subjectively anymore.
in the cold light of day i have decided not to give up on it just yet (but im sooo close! lol)
there must be a reason it wont fly. i dont think its me. im no pro but i can fly planes and helis,so its not as if i dont know what im doing (most of the time!) and i never did like giving up on something when i know it should be working!

the only thing i have not tried is having someone throw it for me being as i always fly alone. i will have to try and persuade my brother to come down the field with me and launch it. but tbh,the amount of footage i have seen of other people launching theirs with no problems at all leads me to think that i shouldnt need someone to throw it for me,there is no reason i should not be able to do it myself.
i will get to the bottom of this ifit kills me.......or the radjet
hand launching maybe easier for others .ive been flying all sorts of wings from 16inch up to 48inch for over a year . i love wings . to this day i have not had a successful hand launch they all wind up with my plane taking a dirt nap. i always get a fellow member to hand launch it for me .hence why i put that under my avatar,

you may need to get someone to toss it for you untill you trim it out and get profiecent in launching. .this is just my opinion.
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