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Nigel sheffield.
Glider: blaster dlg
Thermal: hand launch
Date and Time of flight: September 8, 11:02
Duration of flight: 12 min 02 secs
Location: wakefield yorkshire, UK
Weather Conditions: Sunny, winds turbulant

Well, I got my newer blaster dlg all fixed up after having 2 sd150 servos go bad on me(no damage to plane luckily.
I have replace the 2 cell 350 mah lipo which was direct to rx hence the sd150s which can cope with 9v supposedly with a single cell 1200mah lipo so that normal servos could be used in future if any more sd150s go down on me.
Everything seems to work fine on 1 cell the only difference is maybe just a slightly slower servo movement but hardly really noticeable in air.
The upside of doing this is the servos use less current and so run cooler and less likely to strip gears as well and the play time is now to all intents and purposes unlimited as I only used 125 mah for 1 hour 45mins and with a 1200mah capacity I can safely used 450mah and still have 3.87v volts which still supplies my rx and 4 servos with enough power to not have any brownouts etc.
Needles to say now I will not have to worry about whether or not I have enough battery left to stay in that thermal which took me 1hr 30 mins to find which was about the limit on the 350mah 2 cell.
Weather is nice and hot today but winds are the southwest so not great for thermalling but I managed quite a few 5/6 min flights and 2 over 10 mins.
nigelsheffield is online now Find More Posts by nigelsheffield
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