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I use MksDs95s in all my 450s. There really isn't any more room in the stacked servos behind the head for anything bigger. The HK Rjx knockoff for $15 is amazing for the $$. Stuff some Kbdd reds into them and they are better than the Rjx. The fix for them is to run longer swash loc bolts and lock nut the backside. Out of half a dozen of them I only had one that was poorly machined. And the aluminum is a harder grade than the Rjx was. Plus the $6 360mm composite blades at HK are brilliant! I ran these for years at 3600rpm and never lost one.
I used to use the step up eflite tail drive aluminum gear as it worked also with the trex belts due to the thin gear ridging. But lately I have had two of them fall apart. So I use G5 tail drive uppers on them now for the guys I build them for. Also I used the HK Cf 12mm tube as my boom and stretched it. Solid, and cheap. Forget the belt slot as it weakens it. You can test the tension at the tail. I do carve a slot where the guide is. Easy mod even with a dremel. Or when running fatter belts I go with .020 thick aluminum booms. Then heavily modded align spec tails with G5 grips. The last one I built I double panelled it and ran 4mm thick bearings. Tight tight shaft.. That is the weak spot as the align tail design purely sucks. The absolute best tail out there was the metal G5. But they are impossible to find. And here is a killer mod for the cheapo frame. Drill it out to 11/16 which is almost dead on and run a 16mm boom. Killer. Then a $10 HK 500 tail hub with oversize bearings down to 3mm, space the tail gear on a longer shaft and there is virtually not a spec of tail shaft wag. The bellcrank still works with some easy mods. Cool tail. Or even a 14mm and use the titan 325 tail which is decent. I always use MH delrin gears in all my 450s. Not a single trex nor eflite gear I have ever had rotated concentrically or straight. Try out the Yep clone (YGE) 45 esc for $23. I was stunned at how well they are built and run. Great bec also. And they work with the Sk gov. On mine I just add in one of the thicker heat sinks from the $5 HK kits and they barely run warm.

If you want cheap cyclics that still run well the last one I did for a guy used the old venerable HS65hb gears. I find them new 3 for $50 here at RcGroups or HF shipped and they still work fairly well. Even then you have some carving to do. Plus with a new company pushing sets of 10 ceramic bearings for $5 on ebay it is relatively cheap to outfit the entire heli with them, except for the flanged ones.
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