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I have found that using the Death Match zip start has vastly improved my throwing style. I have small hands (it creeps my wife out) and holding onto the fuse at the leading edge of the wing has always been difficult (sure-laugh away). I've watched a lot of people that I consider to be pretty good at this and most of them wrap some of their fingers around the fuse and use some under the wing spread out to support it. Can't do that.

So I hold the fuse right at the hook (it's in the palm of my hand) and I find that I can hold rather large amounts of tension this way when I lock out my elbow. Just lock the elbow out, walk back as far as you can, and let the arm rotate only at the shoulder like a cricket pitcher throws (do they call him a pitcher? I always fall asleep watching so I never have learned the positions).

Since my hand is at the point where the bungie attaches rather than foward, I'm not having to use a lot of wrist to keep the plane from rotating horizontal so it is in a very nose up atttitude when I throw it with little effort to keep it there. With the amount of tension the zip requires, I've improved throwing the airplane quite a bit. I've not done any throwing using two-man tow on mono so I don't know how this technique would translate.


We have a SASS Death Match this weekend-folks should come over and check it out. I'll see if I can get a load cel on a Zip and see what tensions we are pulling. With the Death Match, lite and heavy models seem to fair rather equally since all are launching to rather low altitudes. If the air is easy, we shorten the task to make the landing more predominant. If the air turns to crap we make the task longer for more interesting flying (part of Death Match is the heckle factor). Folks seem to really enjoy the challenge and rarely does a lite (or heavy) model dominate due to the various factors that make weight (or lack of it) advantagous.

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