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Originally Posted by josereyes View Post
what's your pitch curve? the swash follower is what you're pointing to... that looks way up... usually when you have the blades at midstick 0 degrees the distance between the top of the follower and bottom of the follower swash should be closely the same. In some instances that's not possible.

Are you having any binding when you move your collective up, and then forward... whiel is in the up position, they do look kind close...

my curves are -2 low 4 mid and 9 high

I cannot get the swash follower center at 0 pitch, it's impossible. I am at 8 deg cyclic and 9 deg collective. in this video though my curves are a flat 0 pitch.
even when they were set and in a hover about 8 ft from the ground it had the shaking when making input. when at a still hover with no moving of the stick it was fine.

there is 0 binding.

my phasing is good. I'm just stumped. still waiting a response from

please change your quality to 1080p so you can really see the bouncing.

00027 (1 min 21 sec)

sorry for the language.
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