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Originally Posted by buddertoast View Post
ok, phasing is fine. there is barely any movement, I mean less than a half of degree pitch on the aligned blades of the tail boom when moving elevator.

My gyro is a sk720. a skookum updated to the latest firmware setup under scale. my. I have lowered my damping gain, but I think it is not my gyro.

When I move stick my swashplate bounces up and down?

I forget what this piece is called, would this cause the bouncing if it was not even both sides? I'm going to try mine from my trex 600 flybarless head and see if that makes a difference.

Nevermind. its not that something is causing my swashplate to bounce rapidly and it's not my gyro as I can hear my servos fighting against it. (the sound you hear if your servo is centered with no tx movement and you try to push the servo horn down).
what's your pitch curve? the swash follower is what you're pointing to... that looks way up... usually when you have the blades at midstick 0 degrees the distance between the top of the follower and bottom of the follower swash should be closely the same. In some instances that's not possible.

Are you having any binding when you move your collective up, and then forward... whiel is in the up position, they do look kind close...
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