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Originally Posted by Stacky View Post
That is a fantastic movie Paul, glad you are not giving up. Thats one of my all time favourites apart from when you crashed. Do another edit for yourself where the crash isnt in the footage. I loved it, thats right up there with the Austria Works guys video. Superb, keep doing them.
Thanks a lot Mike, I really appreciate it. Yeah it was a tough few days but the addiction is just too strong, have to keep going...

Originally Posted by windfou View Post
very nice video i think it can happen to all of us even if we have all the tools sometime we are so excited we think we can make it but i think its a part of the hobby to have bad luck but we are adict to multi rotors and that why soon your quad will fly again
Yeah it was quite a shocker when I tried to level off to go over the water and it just kept descending. Had I only realized just a moment sooner I could have landed in the grass.

Originally Posted by Efliernz View Post
Awesome flying around the trees... and a great video. Keep at it :-)

Thanks, the flying through the trees was the most fun.

Originally Posted by Earl E Adobtr View Post
The pure untethered flying is awesome. Hopefully some of that equipment was salvagable after it dried out. Did the board make it?
Thanks, it was some fun flying till the crash. For some reason the day I flew over the marsh it was acting kind of wobbly. Not sure the Sport board is good for heavy quads.

I haven't had a chance to check everything but so far:

Hoverfly Sport, connected to computer and passes tests.
EZUHF Rx, Seems to work. Connected to radio checked all the channels with servos all worked as expected.
GoPro 1 - without case (downward facing) Toast, won't turn on.
ESCs, unknown
EZOSD, unknown
Avrotos, unknown

I'll get some time this weekend to test more stuff.

Plus I'm thinking I need to get back in the saddle and fly my homebrew quad, although not over water
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