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Jose, the batts are just loose on the table. there not attached. it's not the batts causing the issue I can assure you. I will check the phasing like you said and see.

So, Jay, you never seen this before. I have hovered it like this and is fine in a hover until I put some movement on it, then is oscillates pretty hard. I had an outrage 450 do this to me way back when, and I never got it right. Sent it back and never left align since.
I have the blades set at 0 pitch all the way from 0 to 100. I was setting up my tracking.

what is a stab? do you mean my sawhorses with a board tied down to it? I emailed the manufacture ( and they asked for a video, so I sent them this one and the one with no blades on it. I think this swash is a little overkill if you ask me. why all the unneeded necessity?

I wish I had another 4 blade swash to test it with. Man, I might have to leave this head and start over. What a waste of $280 bucks........
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