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Originally Posted by Rickn816 View Post
I'm doing the same mount - I can't crack/roll the heli enough or hard enough so that it matters.

Honestly I haven't been able to get the unit to shift, unlike when I was running zeal. Usually at the end of a violent manouver you will see a slight overshoot or wag if the unit moves and settles back to neutral. This is rock solid. Looks kinda like it would twist easily but it doesn't.

A.S. saw that body and almost picked one up! If I am not mistaken Nightflyer did a build thread on one of these almost a year and a half ago over at HF. I like the design but would beef up a few CF areas is about all. My head runs a 4mm fs. The B400 head version was crap in any config. Plus now I am moving towards the 16mm boom in all my stretched 450 builds. This way I have more rigid booms and much much more room for the belts without contacting the boom anywhere in the twist area. Also I am now moving away from gear to gear contact as I have gotten way too much power to run them safely. The contact patch in the 450 gear isn't able to keep up with the power levels of the 6s and now 12s power train. I can and am blowing through delrin gears during stressful pitch changes. Totalled my last heli two weeks ago due to gear strippage. Time for a custom belt drive.

But again we come back to a very well controlled 3 bearing mainshaft support. That is the heart of the heli and effects everything it is in contact with. and I do like the servo layout on that also, equal lateral servo arm movement. I would love to see some logs out of that if possible?
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