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Originally Posted by Hajile View Post
Yeah, with practice, i actually hover better now with the CP than the FP because i'm anticipating the movements and correcting them myself. The FP on the other hand, can hover by itself and i'm basically just 'nudging' it back into position.

Going from CP back to FP (My 2nd v911 arrived yesterday to replace the one that was totalled three weeks ago), i actually find myself 'fighting' the flybar.

If i turn the my micro CP too fast while hovering, it'll end up zooming off into the distance. That certainly doesn't happen in the simulator I'm still trying to figure out what to do to compensate for it. There's no flybar to compensate for me.

Does the fact that the 450 has more weight help with keeping it stable when using the rudder?
Another thing I was thinking of is that, when you hover a helicopter the rotor disc is never totally flat (parallel to the ground), usually you are leaned to the right a bit. This counteracts with the rotors spinning clockwise and pulling to the left. So to be in a slightly leaning hover and rudder left or right, the second you add rudder now the heli isn't "leaning" in the right direction for stable hover. This effect isn't as noticeable on a 450, but very noticeable on a micro which is really twitchy to begin with.

The best pyros I've had, I've flattened the rotor disc and held rudder. This way it just spins around on it's axis, eventually slowly moving out of hover, depending on how flat my disc was at the time I started. If it was really flat, I could pyro for ever it seems in one spot.
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