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Raften, that denatured alcohol is ethanol, I think. They don't show a drawing of the molecule on the side of the can. <cough> I get it in gallons at Ace Hardware.

The atomizer spritzer is perfect for laying down a fine mist of alcohol on to a rattle can spray glue surface prior to fitting parts together. The mist of booze gets the glue just loose enough that you can reposition parts before clamping them together. This is my normal means of laminating KF steps on to wings or other laminated parts.

No form of alcohol will attack the foam, but any form of keytone will. You need to watch yer bad sef when using any adhesives with a highly volatile carrier, since the glue will be fine with the plastic but the spray itself will attack the styrene. Experiment with scrap pieces to get the right feel for how to use sprays.

And remember that MPF is EPS, not EPP nor EPE. You've prolly seen videos on YouTube and such showing folks like the Pettys splooshing spray glue all over the place on EPP. You can't get away with that on EPS.
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