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New Product
48-in Scale EPP Edge-540 Co-developed by Wattaplane and Skywing

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to present our very new 3D Edge-540!

It's a very exciting product, possibly a start for a new class of EPP 3D planes.

It has a FULL-fuselage with a round canopy and a round engine cowl. What's amazing is that the canopy and the cowl are also made of EPP skin!!! As a result, we have achieved to keep the AUW of the new plane the same as that of those 48-in Skywing planes! So I expect the new plane to fly as well as or better than those already fantastic Skywing planes! And it can use the same equipment that is good for other 48-in 3D foamies.

You will find many nice features in this plane such as:
- light-weight but stiff airframe;
- super large control surfaces;
- 60+ degree throws;
- nice and tall vertical tail;
- detachable wing held by magnets;
- airfoil vertical and horizontal tails;
- carbon fiber landing gear;
- scale-look tail wheel;
- spinner and wheel pants; and so on.
(All features are subject to change.)

I am waiting for a prototype of the plane for testing. Stay tuned for more info.

Meanwhile, let's look at some photos of the prototype.



Some notable video posts in this thread: (periodically updated)

The video build manual from the manufacturer:

The very first flyig video of the prototye:

Video: another prototype flown by VR Eyedoc:

Video: the same prototype flown by feda:

Video: groovejet's first video of the plane:

Video: groovejet's second video of the plane:

Video: many full-power dives and spins:

Video: slow rolls and a torque-roll tail-slide:

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