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Another Nitroplanes Backorder story

Well by looking on the Forums here I am not alone. Got a Nitorplanes Extra 300s 140 size oh a few months ago. Okay not a bad plane elevator on the inside a bit warped but can live with that. Some things not fitting as well okay thats what I get for getting a cheap plane. Anyway didnt get some items with the plane. Sent them a (Ticket) was told like three days later Sorry for the Inconvience is on the way. Month later nothing has showed up. Sent another(Ticket) oh sorry will get that right to you. Then 2 weeks later oh out of stock on backorder. Okay so a week or so ago decide well will give them one more try got the Ultimate 40. Okay thought the instructions were bad on the Extra these are just pictures and not even complete. Go to put it together lets see missing two CA hinges, no screws to put on control horns, not enough clevises to attach push rod to control horns of course dont have the screws to put them on to begin with, no nuts or screws to put on outer and inner wing supports, push rod for throttle way too short, push rod for rudder too short. I think thats all so send (Ticket) to Nitroplanes and the answer I get, you got it Sorry for the Inconvience but dont have any parts bags on backorder should be in 2 to 4 weeks and will send you an email when it gets sent. Lets see now has been over 3 months still have not seen parts for Extra so am pretty sure wont see anything for the Ultimate. So lesson here if you want a cheap plane that is incomplete then Nitroplanes is the place for you. But look at this way by time you spend the money to complete that cheap plane might as well buy the one you originally wanted that cost a few dollars more because your going to spend that extra money anyway.
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