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Originally Posted by Fox-composites View Post
Surely the very fact that this thread has been running for so long would indicate that some people do have a problem with the "downwind turn".
So is there a difference between up wind and down wind turns?
I am convinced that the problem lies with peoples perception of what is actually happening. Because we are standing still and flying in a moving body of air things do look different.
Many flyers do have hang ups about certain things. Some people cannot turn right for example although there is no reason that right hand turns are any more difficult than left ones.
Downwind turns are no more difficult than upwind but they can feel different.
People go on about full size flying and that they never have this problem but if they had to fly over a course which was fixed on the ground and they had to fly it exactly then there would have to be all sorts of corrections required.
I have flown full size and flying to a point on a map does not mean you point at it and go. If there is a crosswind you need to aim at a different point and let the wind blow you sideways so you end up at the place you want to go.
Maybe off topic but this made me think of something. Okay so imagine I am flying a circuit while standing in the pits on the side of the middle of the runway. I find that when I am flying off to the right of myself, right turns feel a little uncomfortable. However when the plane is to the left of me, right turns are comfortable but left feel a little uncomfortable. Kinda interesting. Must have something to do with fields of vision and "where" they are perceived in the brain. I'm right handed also.
It is like I just have to think about what I'm doing a little more consciously when I make a right turn towards myself when looking at the plane to the right of me, and vice versa. A left turn seems completely natural from the right field of vision, but a right turn makes me consciously think about which direction I need to keep holding aileron and rudder till the nose is pointing towards me again. I try to practice these things that make me uncomfortable to increase my skill level a bit every time I fly.
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