Thread: New Product AXN Floater-Jet (aka Cloud Fly)
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Originally Posted by mutha View Post
If you get yourself a watt meter and hook it up to the 4S with the plane on the bench just run it up static for 2 or 3 seconds ... check the amps if the speedie will handle it then go for it!
Are you saying No one has done this before? this thread is three years old, i find it hard to believe no one has already tried using stock motor on 60 amp esc can easily handle 4s .i use the same esc in my vampire using 4s...i just want to know if motor will handle the extra volts and rpms without blowing appart...also not sure the mount will hold the motor...Just thought for sure someone here already tried this simple 4s battery mod...I do not own a watt meter...thx UPDATE! Just tried 4s and the power was off the charts i held full throttle for 5 seconds then the motor cut out...motor was not hot,,,but now when i hook up my 3s all i get is beep beep-----beep beep ----beep beep etc.... all servos work fine...i think motor was kids don't try this at home..3s is all the stock motor can handle and frankly the performance on 3s is very good...this was a stupid thing to try....But at least i did'nt crash
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