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Originally Posted by vernonsmith View Post
I have been flying fixed pitch heli for a few months now thinking of upgrading to cp. I have one question about heli moving around out of position when turning the headings of my fixed pitch will this happen with the cp heli?
No. The tendency of the fixed pitch to bank when you're just using the rudder is from it not reacting fast enough to compensate for the drift.

When you're turning right, the tail rotor pushes harder, causing the entire heli to move sideways. The flybar forces the heli to level out but reacts so slowly that the heli eventually tilts in the wrong angle and that mimics a banked turn.

When you're turning left, the tail shuts off and the heli does a near perfect left turn without a banking effect using the helis natural tendency to turn the opposite direction of the main rotor. So there are no forces pushing the heli sideways. Of course, you still have to contend with the fact that the main rotor is naturally tilted right, which means the tail rotor is counteracting the torque from the wrong angle as you turn.

On the other hand, without the flybar, you'll need to do this yourself. Lots of little adjustments as you turn, you can't just slam the rudder and expect it to turn by itself anymore. The first time you fly a CP i guarantee you'll be spending several batteries learning how to REALLY hover When flying FP, the one doing the hovering is the flybar
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