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So I want to get this crystal clear ... tell me if I"m wrong. Firstly for new plugs/ moulds, use the FMS sealer 3 times at the start. The method of application for the FMS and the Frekote is the same. You wipe it on thin, then within a minute or so before it's dried, you wipe it off with a dry cloth. Don't buff it, just wipe it dry. Wait 10 mins, then repeat. At the end if there are streaks etc on the gloss surface, give it the minimum polishing with a dry soft cloth.
I follow the Frekote instructions for applying the FMS sealer. I liberally wet the surface with a rag, wait 15 or 20 seconds (or when I notice edges start to evaporate), and wipe the excess off with light pressure. I apply 3 applications of the FMS sealer waiting 15 minutes between applications and wait 15-20 minutes after the last application.

I deviate when applying the 770-nc release (never used 700). The instructions make no mention of wiping it off after applying. This will often make the mold hazy and it will really build up after lots of application cycles. I end up applying it just like the FMS sealer. I wipe it on and wipe if off when I notice any of the edges start to evaporate. I wait 10 minutes between the 3 applications for new surfaces. When the mold is fully seasoned and releasing well, I wipe it off with a rag in my left while I apply it with the right hand. I've found that I need to add it every cycle with many fuselage molds. Sometime I can apply it every other molding cycle. On simple shape like canopies and some wings I've got as far as 5 cycles before reapply.
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