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MrMurder, something is definitely amiss there. The Radjet is an extremely simple plane, and flies fine - fantastic even.
To 'spin off left' can only be an aero mis-alignment, or via control.
I haven't flown mine in a while, but I don't recall even having any torque roll (left) at launch - or not notable at all - and it just flies off easily with a weak 'push'.

A nuisance to rebuild something if you don't have any faith in the next flight anyway! (The 50mm F-35 from HK is a severe test of patience in that way!! LOL). But you can rest assured it SHOULD fly fine, so it is just a matter of checking over to find the reason yours does not.
I can only think a few reasons in the list:
1) Something warped... wing. And I can't even think of any other 'amiss as it came' possibility. (Fin/s ?)
2) Incorrect servo mixing. So your elevators are working, but the ailerons are amiss.
This happens to people surprisingly often.
3) Pilot error.... would seem unlikely. Especially if you are flying other aircraft fine.
But, it is in the list of possibilities.

You also gave it a 'good throw', even at 45deg... which should be ok, and passable to try to offset such an issue. To at least give it more time to get to faster speed and stabilise.
The only problem with that is if it does NOT fly away fine... the crash is worse. LOL

I suggest you need someone else to have a look at it before flying it. They might find the thing that is amiss. Maybe so obvious that you "can't see it for the trees". LOL
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