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Originally Posted by winndaddy View Post
Sorry but a batteries mah rating has no effect on power, just flight time. Power comes from the C rating or how many cells a battery has.

Yes, I have heard that for number of years but find it is just simply not completely true. Here's a little test for you. Put a 1000mah battery in your 330 and go fly...then put a 2200mah in your 330 and go fly. Not just longer flight time but MORE power.

For the record, I can see and experience much better verticals with my 30c 2200mah lipos than with my 40c 1800mah lipos.

The C rating can be a little tricky. The ESC will not allow you to fully realize say 60c because the energy would be released too fast and would burn things up. The calculation would tell you that at 60c, the battery would discharge in 1 minute..this does not happen because the ESC regulates the rate of discharge so high C ratings can be somewhat misleading other than lower internal resistance and allowing the battery to perhaps run a little cooler and perhaps shorter charging time.

I will get my watt meter out and see what it says regarding both batteries.
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