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Hey that's fantastic, thanks very much for that advice guys. I am kicking myself for not using the sealer on the 2nd half. If I can ever regain enough motivation to try again I think I'll get it right next time!

Also thanks for the advice on the wiping on method. I am prone to hearing new advice from someone and modifying what I do, even when what I've been doing is working fine, and then having problems. This was a case in point. Not only with the advice about the sealer but also the application method. The guy who first gave me the sample said "wipe it on, wipe it off (still wet), leave half an hour, repeat 4 times". That's what I did (making parts in my used moulds) but then recently I was told to let it dry, and wipe the new layer over the top and I changed to doing that.

So I want to get this crystal clear ... tell me if I"m wrong. Firstly for new plugs/ moulds, use the FMS sealer 3 times at the start. The method of application for the FMS and the Frekote is the same. You wipe it on thin, then within a minute or so before it's dried, you wipe it off with a dry cloth. Don't buff it, just wipe it dry. Wait 10 mins, then repeat. At the end if there are streaks etc on the gloss surface, give it the minimum polishing with a dry soft cloth.

Is that right?
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