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First Flight

First flight for me with an airplane. What a blast !
I build this AXN with my little brother to introduce him to the hobby. He is really interested now and pretty helpful. We got to a huge grass flied free of trees, ready to learn and perhaps buddybox my novice brother to share the experience.

I really underestimated how hard it is to fly a plane. After 3 years of heli piloting in all orientations I was pretty confident this should be a walk in the park. How wrong i was.

After a crash dinging the nose a bit, setting control surfaces to a more reasonable throw i got a little more comfortable and the landing after 20 minutes was smooth and soft. I did loop it several times
Needless to say i left the buddybox for another day.

I have several questions... The rudder to roll effect is off the chart. if i want to take a turn with rudder only i have to counter the inward roll really hard with ailerons to keep the plane from knifeedging and plummeting down.

What is up with the over sensitive rudder? Did i just set way to much throw on it or is something else wrong (cog perhaps?)

Aileron travel is maxed out to not bind the servo, also middle hole. It feels slightly ineffective, but was expecting this. I can always mix in some rudder later on.

After trimming in level flight, my rudder is quite a bit off to the right. None of the wings or motor looks crooked. Anything i should check or just fly with it?
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