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Test Bench Data Aquisition System for R/C Gas, Glow, and BLDC Motors

I have started building a data acquisition system for my test bench, and much of
the basic components I already have experience with. But I have purchased negative
pressure sensors that I have not used before, and I will need some help with.

I have a number of goals for this project, and the first and foremost goal is that anybody
that wants to build one too, should build one. I will provide as much support as I can, and
I sincerely hope others can contribute to that effort.

I will be using the Parallax Propeller for the project, and initially I will be downloading and
modifying existing "Spin" & "PASM" code from the Parallax Object Exchange. Later I will
start writing my own code, and then convert it to C++.

I have two reasons for using the Propeller, the first is: This is my normal choice for projects,
and is what I am use to using. Second, I am anxiously awaiting the Propeller II, and it's
capabilities for controlling multiple bldc motors at one time, increased video, and human
input capabilities. All these tasks are important for my future projects.

My goals for the system are:
1) easy for anybody else to complete.
2) Start with Basic inputs-outputs: rpm, cht, servo, display.
3) Add Throttle position, rpm acceleration - deceleration rate, ignition timing.
4) Data logging to an SD card.
5) Add multiple pressure sensors.
6) Inertia Dynomometer capability.
7) Make a smaller unit for flight testing
8) Expand capabilities to include bldc motors.

A separate but related project is to make an oval circuit (wind tunnel) for testing engines
and motors at flight rpms and loads.

Bill M.
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