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Pulling the trigger on a Gopro. Could not find anything else with that low a weight and still have some kind of quality. I can film with it. Put it on planes. Wife can use it for the grand kids and outings, etc. Its tough and its dirt cheap compared to most of my photo equipment. So win win.

I was messing around today and made a delta Bipe. Going to do a maiden in the AM. Hopefully I have the cg right and it actually flys. Its two diagonal delta wings on top of each other. One is 4" forward of the other and 4" apart horizontally. Motor is slotted in the top wing. Will post a pic/vid if it fly's. If not it goes in the failed experiment pile.

Good choice going with GoPro . If you ever want to up the AP game , GoPro also make a device that combines two GoPros to make 3D videos . And of course there's FPV , where you wear video goggles that let you fly the plane as if you're sitting in the cockpit , complete with head tracking ( move your head to the left or right , up or down , the camera on the plane moves accordingly ) .
That bipe sounds like fun . There's a guy here on RC Groups who has made an amphibious bipe delta . He also makes a lot of giant planes out of R-tech foam from Home Depot .
balsa or carbon is online now Find More Posts by balsa or carbon
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