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Originally Posted by hpaircraft View Post
I'm betting that this is an artifact of the photograph, and that the actual transition between forward fuselage is smooth. Dick did incorporate a cusped transition between forward and aft fuselage sections on the HP-10 and several similar subsequent designs, but I think that the HP-7 and HP-8 have a smooth transition at this point.

But a photo from the NSM could easily prove me wrong on this.

Thanks, Bob K.
Hi Bob,

The slight indent is visible in at least one other photo. It matches one of the three-views. I chose that picture because it shows it best.

I have my doubts about anyone getting a chance to photograph the fuse since they probably have a jammed storage facility and I expect it would take a crew of several people to move everything and put it all back afterwards.

I'd volunteer to help but I'm seventy-four and have had a couple of bouts of sciatica so might be more of a liability than an asset. Back in the days when the HP-8 was stationed at Wurtsboro it never occurred to me to take photos or examine the various sailplanes.

I never carried my camera when flying because I thought of it as a jinx. The only time I carried it on horseback riding my horse ran away and we crossed three roads at a full gallop. I let her run wide open on the last long stretch then just before the cobblestone downhill in front of the stable pulled her up sharply. I never carried the camera on a horse again nor did I ever take it flying.

Weird, I know, but I was on a very placid horse just so I COULD take photos. Irrational as it sounds I never took the camera on a horse again and that stuck with me throughout my flying career. Nowadays I've always got cameras with me but nothing like sailplanes to photograph.

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