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well i officially give up on my radjet. tried to fly it again today...with the predictable result. rolls to the left the instant it leaves my hand,goes nose down and hits the deck. it just will not fly for me.
i have tried everything suggested to me over the last couple of pages ranging from putting in some throttle/aile mix to throwing it tilted to the right to throwing it hard at almost full throttle at 45* up ...i have tried everything i can think of and everything that has been suggested to me,but no joy.
3 attempts today and 3 crashes,the last one pretty much snapping the cockpit in half. i could fix it but to be honest i don't think there is any point. the thing is rapidly becoming more glue than foam.
think i will just pull the electronics off and chuck it in the bin....where it belongs!

ive never had so much trouble trying to make a maiden happen before! luckily i had my mx 2,anx and a couple of wings with me so the trip to the field was not a complete waste of time.

bit gutted really but i guess i should of known it was jinxed from the start what with all the hassle i had from the point of placing the order to getting it to my door. should of seen it coming!
it seems im not destined to join the ranks of the radjet owners after all. seemed like a good idea at the time. alas,it was not meant to be for me.
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