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OK I'm now doing this on the bench without an airframe to get in the way.
First off I connected to the PC and clicked on 'factory reset' just to make sure I hadn't left it in a strange state.
With the Guardian flat on the bench upright I checked that it functioned OK and the Mode switch gestures worked - They were OK.

I turned the Guardian/Rx power off,and turned the guardian over so that it's laying flat on the bench upside down I.e It's well within 5 degrees - never mind 25 degrees
Starting with the servos at normal trim (from the upright check) I switched on the Guardian & Rx. The Aileron servo crept to full throw. If I toggle the Mode switch at that point nothing happens BUT I now find that if I repeat this but wait at least 10 seconds (timed by watch) but less than 15 seconds it works and the level/trim reset has taken OK.

So it appears that there is an omission in the manual. If the Guardian is upright, the toggle works at any time up to 15 seconds after Power On but if the Guardian is inverted, the toggle only works between 10 and 15 seconds.

It's always possible that I've missed something in the manual (it wouldn't be the first time) but I don't think so. Perhaps a manual update is indicated?

Anyway thanks for your help - it's nice to know that somebody out there cares.

Just one more question:- Is there really any reason (if so what?) that the Guardian can't be used facing backwards? In the airframe on the bench it works perfectly and in one particular installation it's either mount backwards to get the cables in the right place or mount 2 inches forward of C of G. I've no idea how far too far from C of G is? However I can't think of any reason that it wouldn't work facing backwards.

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