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Originally Posted by porcia83 View Post
Getting into the hobby I would say stick with Horizon, Tower, and Hobby Lobby. All sell great stuff, don't kill you on shipping, and provide exceptional service. Once you get familiar with the planes, then I think it's better to deal with the aftermarket companies.
So, basically stay away from any vendor that advertises on this site?

None of the three vendors you list even acknowledge quads as an option, basically the reason I'm here; Tower I would never have even given a second through if not for you since the website gives me flashbacks to the 90's, Horizon looks ok if you want to pay full price for brand names, and hobby lobby is a craft store with a few models tucked in the back ( might be good for some basic supplies ).

So, back to the original point, the disconnect between vendors and expectations is huge and can be quite daunting for new or even seasoned enthusiasts. I can deal with low QC, sky high shipping, or long wait times, but the vendors need to be honest about it as well as pricing. Outright false advertising of a 2 cell battery as something else is unacceptable in either case.
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