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I flew another 4 packs today at the small soccer field that I normally fly. I flew my V120D02S side by side for comparison. There was a moderate wind today and the Master CP definitely handled it much better than the V120D02S and was more stable throughout. As far as the pitching up that I thought I saw yesterday, I am now almost it is the 6 axis gyro making a correction. I often had to apply down instead of up elevator to pull the heli through a turn. This is not as apparent with the 6 axis gyro on the V120D02S. With experience, you should be able to adjust to it quickly but some may not like it. It may be possible to be adjust this with the gyro sensitivity but I can accept it as it is at the moment.

The biggest surprise today was with the flips. I only did a few full flips yesterday but I managed to do many more today. They were much faster and tighter (more axial) than those done on the V120D02S and the Mini CP. I also saw what Tony mentioned where the flip seems to be faster at the end. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing for beginners because many crashes occur at the flip when the heli does not have enough power to pull through. The risk of that is increased if the flip rate is slow. So the 6 axis gyro on the Master CP is definitely different to that on the V120D02S.
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