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Originally Posted by peterlngh View Post
Sure thing, aeajr.

The Mystique sounds like it will be just a bit on the heavy side for a real floater. One might be better served with something like the many choices from TopModel, such as the Avia, that are a bit smaller but lighter and the same or lower price. Or, if performance is more important than price, something like a Pulsar or a hideously expensive contest design might be better. 11 ounces per square foot is not excessive for a 3meter ship but 8.5 would be better. It should be a very good sport flier at a very attractive price but I think people might be a bit disappointed if they expect it to compete head to head against lighter ships. At this size and weight it should easily outperform a much lighter 2meter ship and that is I think where the market for the Mystique will lie; guys who want a bigger sailplane and don't really expect to compete against planes of similar size that might cost a good deal more.
Why would it need to be a floater? Not all gliders need to be floaters.

For a sport e-glider I think the wing loading is pretty competitive. In fact the airfoil may be very effective at this wing loading. I would expect it to cover sky well and be very effective in somewhat breezy conditions. That is my opinion of course. I have no experience with this airfoil or this glider.

I would presume it will be lighter in pure glider form.

Comparing this to expensive competition gliders that cost 3 to 5 times as much is not a fair comparision at all. But let's compare anyway.

The wing loading of the Supra E is about 9.5 oz/sq ft. That is about 1 oz higher than the pure glider. The E-Supra costs $1500. I would love to have one. I have two of the pure glider Supras and I love them for contest flying.

Of course, actual flying experinece remains to be seen, but I think the Mystique looks like a fairly low cost for an e-glider of this type and size. I look forward to hearing flight reports.
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