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Originally Posted by miza View Post
I would say that for the moment nothing can come close to a hacked GH2 on Z15g gimbal. In the range up to 4000€ camera.

You can fly 5D but there is no steady gimbal like Zenmuse on the market yet for that camera size. And you still need post stabilization and then you loose some image quality. And If you compare the size of a copter which you need for 5D or GH2 and some flight times, there is a big difference

If you would like to fly with DOF you need a good auto focus.(or another big heli with remote follow focus)
So here GH2 can win again.
Well, as was said before, there's no point in having short DoF for AP and you'll be using short focal lengths anyway so the sensor size differences between the GH2, NEX, and Canon 5D aren't really relevant.

The 5D is really quite specialised as a video tool, having a sensor twice the size of a 35mm movie frame, allowing strong differential focus effects with longer focal length lenses but causing less pleasing effects when wide angle lenses are used, when quite a lot of the frame is apt to be less than critically sharp. The NEX's APSC and the Red sensors are very close to 35mm movie frame size and the GH2's is only a bit smaller.

Of course, anything being used for broadcast will have its quality knocked right down by the broadcast process and, at least in Australia, Blu-Ray has not gained universal acceptance so ones work is apt to be distributed and viewed on SD DVD.
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