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Originally Posted by jab View Post
That is just equipment snobbery with no facts to back it up with. For aerial video there is no reason to expect better performance from a 5D. In fact I suspect it might well turn out to be the other way around.

First let's look at the sensors. 5D has a 35mm and NEX-5 has a 23mm (comparable to Nikon DX). 35mm is great for shallow depth footage, but this is pretty much useless when shooting from a distance up in the air.

Then let's look at the signal processing and video compression. 5D has sub-par signal processing when scaling down the sensor data for video, resulting in aliasing and moire. There is also problems with rolling shutter since the sensors was primarily meant for taking photos. Lack of processing power also limit the video to 30fps. Basically the video feature in the 5D mark II was a last minute hack, resulting in limited functionality. The mark III also has the same limitations but now it is done strategical to prevent out-competing their own professional video cameras. The one really good thing about the new 5D mark III, is that it now supports high-bitrate AVC-Intra compression. Making it ideal for storing shots with lot's of movement in them. But sadly again the 30fps limitation makes the usage somewhat limited.
Nex on the other hand is built with video in mind. Image scaling and processing for video is better. Same goes for rolling shutter. And there is enough power to do 60fps 1080p h.264 compression. But sadly there is no Intra frame compression support. Only 28mbit AVC. But if/when there is a high bit-rate firmware hack made available for this camera, the results should be truly outstanding.

Lenses is where the 5D wins hands down. So far there are a limited option of lenses for the NEX and the 16mm pancake (on paper perfect for aerial video) is a bit soft. Hopefully there will be better optics for the NEX in the near future.

But the better 5D lens quality comes with a price, and that is weight. Weight is the number one enemy when doing multicopter video. Less weight means longer flight times and more stable video (easier for the gimbal to compensate having to move less mass).

So while the 5D is a better stills photo camera, up in the air everything points to the NEX being the better video camera.
Nice... Now you need to throw a GH2 in the mix here and compare all three
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