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I see a few of my customers have already commented. Great! Guys, I know some of you have done videos and such. Put them up here!

Now for those of you who do not know what my product is, or what it does, here is some history and some explinations.

I started out about a year ago now looking at systems that would produce a decent sound for an electric airplane. To give it that real plane sound. The systems I found on the market are great, but for me an average pilot, they were quite expensive, large and heavy. Most of the planes I fly are 1400mm class or so. The systems out there would not readily adapt to them, at least not without major overhall.

Well, needless to say I started working on a design of my own. Things progressed from there, and I now have a patent pending on my design.

I do not like to compare my systems with others out there. I think each one has it's benifits and downfalls, but they should stand on thier own for what they are.

Some of the features of my systems, that I feel are important are:
1. Customer Service - I am willing to work with customers before and after the sale
2. Mobility- the ability to move the sound system from plane to plane
3. Value per plane - becuase of the mobility of the system, value per plane goes way up

I designed the system from the begining with the average joe flier in mind, and am trying to keep the price points at a decent level. The light weight and small size of the systems allows them to be used in 1200mm -1600mm planes with ease, and I also have a system for smaller planes, and larger ones.

I am also working on some product for the future. I will give more info here as the time comes.

So, with all that being said, let's start the discussions.

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