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The confusion starts with your Wing Type Selection.

If you selected 2 Aileron and 2 Flap then you must use a 7ch or higher receiver.

If you keep the AR6200 and Y harness the Ailerons, then you must select the proper wing type (1 Ail 2 Flaps) then follow the Servo Monitor Screen to properly connect each servo. The radio renames the channel making it easy for you to know where to connect each servo.

If you want to take full advantage of Differential Ailerons then use your AR8000 and select (2 Ail 2 Flaps Wing type) and again follow the proper servo connections based on the renaming of the channels in the Servo Monitor Screen.

If you want to use your gyro then change the wing type accordingly, (1Ail 2 Flaps) Connect the single aileron input of the gyro to the Aileron channel of the RX but connect EACH AILERON servo in the proper aileron outputs of the Gyro.

No mixing required for FLAP when a Flap or FLAPS wing type is selected, this enable the FLAP Menu of the radio. If your Flaps don't move in the proper direction then a simple channel revesing is all that is needed.
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