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Gee I wish everyone would stop whinging... right before clicking 'Open New Tab' and placing their next order from HobbyKing.

Yes, many local shops are closing or reducing their lines of model aircraft parts. This is in part because of online vendors and (in many cases) their poor service or inability to keep up with modern developments (such as brushless motors and lithium batteries). My local place has NiMH packs for Chr!st sake...

The hobby itself is alive and booming, and not only in the traditional builders segment of balsa but in the new realm of foam as well.

This will be my last contribution to the thread as it seems to be continuing in the same vibe... people whinging about the lack of interest or lack of support for local shops. Personally I could care less as I know differently, or know why some local shops are failing. This has all been discussed before in this thread and others.

As for the 'kids being lazy/expectant/whatever' arguement, I think its the same as its always been - kids are kids, and are a product of the times they are brought up in. Nowdays it means mobile communications and internet access to information, games and friends. Kids are much the same as they always have been, with the majority pretty good and a few bad eggs giving that majority a bad name.

Some will always love building things and some will want the 'cool I'm flying it!' experience of an ARF. This, again, is much the same as it always has been. I personally would not get somone to build their first (or perhaps even second) model, as they will have a much better idea of what to do *after* learning the basics of flight with a 3ch RET or 2ch glider.

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