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Originally Posted by Travis MCH View Post
I got some good flying in on my D05s today. After a quick crash on my #1, I pulled out the back up and had a good day. With some pretty good gusts and sustained winds I was flying some really good circuits and pulling off some nice flips. I did more flips today than ever before and the RX2622 held the tail just perfect. The 215-T had monster power for some steep verticle climbs and plenty of power to pull out of steep dives. My favorite move of the day was a steep climb into a flip then a quick stall turn and back around again. I was finally comfortable thowing the tail around and getting better at more aggresive moves. I wanted to try some inverted flight but decided not to press my luck. Maybe next time.
I love this heli!
I'm so glad your enjoying yourself. You going to start shooting some video?

Originally Posted by dheerajjuneja View Post
Travis, your post is pulling me towards doing the most expensive upgrade on this heli I.e. Rx2622 around 70usd with shipping, I hope it's going to be worth it by saving money in preventing crashes?
In my opinion, The RX and motor are the only necessary upgrades to really fly the heli well. The rest are just to save money in the long run by not having to replace shafts and bent CNC parts anymore after a crash. The motor can be done later when your flying abilities enter the realm of 3D. I'm pretty sure you won't be able to invert or even flip the heli with the stock RX. Not successfully anyway.. I think most people would agree, you can even find videos on youtube about how horrible the D05 is. The RX makes a huge difference.
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