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0.032 Aluminum Stock Sheer pin

I have gotten rid of the durability modified gears because the sheer pins i have been using for a while now are much softer and literally sheer on impact. They are actually almost too soft. Which was why for a while there i would have rather put in the work to the main gear instead of having the sheer pin break in flight. Which i have actually already had happen once. But it was because i accidently hit TH and then turned it back on. The torque sheered the pin! lol. But otherwise they have been saving me tons of money. I prefer to glue them in so i can keep the pin straight but bending them in opposing direction will also be good. Maybe even better because you won't have to clean out the dried glue each time. Plus bending them will strengthen the pin in the middle where it should sheer.

Here is the pin installed in both my V120D05CS and my V120D02S, both of which are running upgraded motors:

I've had many crashes since using this material for a sheer pin. It is available in "stock" rods or in wire form also i have heard others on the v120 thread talk about too. Now my V120D05CS-Pro/Sport helicopter is as honestly more durable than the V120d02S even with a slipper clutch installed. The tail boom is solid and does not crack so.... you can do the math over all cost..... Weather or not it's worth it to do all these upgrades. That part is up to you to decide. Here is 2 pictures from my first 2 crashes with these sheer pins. They were actually full throttle crashes into the ground. The gear teeth are still 100% after about 6 crashes so far.

Crashed gear and sheer pin #1

Crashed gear and sheer pin #2

Okay there are some more pictures of how i install mine included with the images attached to this message. I am not going to post them all here in the message because they are pretty self explanatory and take up a lot of space in the thread. I think bending the pins instead of using glue to secure them might be easier, and possibly better all around because it will strengthen the pin. But i have had a few pins get stuck inside the main shaft after bending the pins to secure them. It might not be exclusive to that method, but still. When the pin gets stuck in there it is not very fun to get out sometimes. Although, thinking about it now. It is possible that there was glue inside the main shaft making it harder to remove the broken piece. /shrug never can tell sometimes.
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