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Originally Posted by acesimmer View Post
Problem is the density altitude is like being at 9000 ft most times. We lose a lot of lift. Add to that nasty thermals has we transition from the desert scrub onto hot pavement and we get lots of thermals along with a constant cross wind. We have the same problems with our prop scale planes.

I just have to get the grove to what works here. Landings are smooth but have to come in reasonably hot to keep it flying. Early morning flights when temps are 65- 75 are no issue and can fly great do all the 3D stuff and land like a champ. At that time the air is smooth with little or no thermal action. When it gets hot the desert whips up all kinds of nasty twisters and other stuff so all models become a hand full.

Yesterday I flew a guys big heavy high performance YAK from Vegas cause he said it flew great in Vegas but he could not handle the aircraft here. Asked me to test fly it and trim it out. So knowing the area here I made changes prior to the test flight. It flew great after that. It comes in at 12 Lbs and was great in the cooler air. Once it heated up it became a hand full and he stripped the gears off it when trying to land it. Earlier flights done in cooler air where fantastic and it was super smooth.

So just have to find the best envelope for these conditions.

Where you from? Sounds exactly like my conditions in New Mexico.
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