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I trim my gliders, as near as I can, for L/Dmax, the speed where lift is at a maximum and drag at a minimum. This in 99% of airfoils is nowhere near stall speed. Now when I make a shallow turn i dont add elevator and lose little to no altitude and no matter what direction, in relation to the wind get exactly the same result as far as altitude loss/gain and controllability are concerned. As far as ground track and speed, that is a different story. Where most, even glider pilots, have the problem is they fly ground speed. You see your plane speed up on down wind and expect more lift then when you are upwind see a slow speed and expect less lift. Keep your plane trimmed and let it maintain that speed and you will find it performs better and handles better throughout the flight. I have been flying gliders this way for 30+ years and haven't had a problem.
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