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Saito FG21

I would like to add my experience, because I have had both engines. The FG20 was wholly unreilable. MacGregor here in the UK replaced the ignition unit twice and the carb 3 times. It was so diificult to tune and from one day to the next the needle settings would vary a lot. I had loads of dead sticks and ruined two aircraft because of it. I eventually destroyed it with a headlong dive into tarmac when the elevators detached themselves - I was not at all sorry to see it go...

When the FG 21 came out I was full of optimism - the RCEXEL ignition unit was clearly much better - BUT the carb is still crap in my opinion. As before it will not hold a setting between one session and the next. I tune it on the ground - have it running on idle for 5 minutes - wack open the throttle and get 8500 revs tuned back from 9200. Yet in the air it will cut out without warning. Some might say it is over heating - but this is flying without a cowl. In the cowl it overheats all the time. I have built in cooling tubing to direct air directly over the engine and generous air extract - but still it over heated.

So I fly it with no cowl - but it still makes no difference. What I have also noticed is that when I lean the engine to find peak revs I can then make the mix richer but even half a turn or more of the needle valve and it is still running at its peak! I have to close and open the throttle to get the carb to take the new setting. Quite stupid. This is a relatively new engine, and I have filters in the tank and the fuel line and I filter the fuel in my dispenser.

Today I had yet another dead stick and ripped the undercarriage out. So that it is it - I have wasted so much time on it - it will now sit on shelf to remind me never to buy one of these little engines again. This is such a pity because the four stroke sound is so sweet. I have two FG30's and an FG57 and I have never had any grief from them. So my advice is to stay well clear of the FG20 and FG21.
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