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ok, I am about to drop kick mine. I just went flying again in about 7mph winds this time, maybe gusting to 10 and my left aileron input issue was back again! several times left aileron stopped working again or was BARELY working, I could tell it was trying to turn, but very very slowly. sometimes against the wind, sometimes with the wind. I almost crashed it again because of this. I know its not my linkages now, they are plenty loose and in line and right where everyone told me to put them. I dont have a ESC that has 6V capability so I know I am not getting the max torque from these Solar A107 servos. I can only guess I am still getting blowback since it was fine Friday night when it was dead calm out and now today has wind and its doing it again. I also twisted my wing again before flying, I twisted both sides of the wing to really try and get that twist out the best I could and it still took almost 10 clicks of trim to get it level. I am so sick of this right wing dip problem. I emailed 3DHS one more time to see if they will do anything for me, but I dont have my hopes up......

as far as I my left aileron issue, I did get to thinking, it may just seem like its just left aileron and not right because I use left probably 80% of the time. I fly in a counterclockwise circle and when I do rolls, I usually push left aileron to do my rolls, so I may just not be noticing it doing it when I push right aileron because I dont do that very much. one idea. I have swapped servos, loosened all linkages, reset my Rx and Tx, rebound it, tried a different Rx......the only thing i can think of is that my servos just cant handle the blowback. maybe if I could put out 6V they might be able to.
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