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Originally Posted by djdavies83 View Post
yep I would say that's a win, sorry it's taken so long to view, work was hell last night and it's hell now, anyways nice work, so what's your challenge gonna be?
Cheers It was a pretty difficult challenge! The prop wash in the bath (no pun intended) kind of sucked the heli into the tub. It was especially hard trying to take off inside the tub with nearly flat batteries and breaking through the suction vortex.

Anyways past challenges aside, the next challenge is

Heli: The Motorcross Jump: Setup a empty folder for a jump on the floor, or whatever you may have laying around to construct a small jump. Now approach and jump the jump while remaining in ground effect. Try not to use any additional throttle jumping the jump and do not touch the jump with your skids, let the ground effect do all the work

Originally Posted by nerys View Post
I see no option to change text size or color (I clicked advanced and I looked)

is there BBC code I can "add" to make those changes or something ?

I figure call it the "Barn Stormers Loop" to harken back to the days of the old biplane stunt flyers :-)
Just take out the (!)'s, and put your text in between them


Additionally you can hold "control" and press "I" to bring up more square brackets.
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