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It's baffling that this still exists.

I mean, I understand that it defies some basic sensory logic and I can see where some people wouldn't immediately recognize what's going on, but I completely fail to comprehend how they can still not get it after it's been explained. Analogies, thought experiments, mental models... None of it seems to work.

I'll give it a shot myself. Why not?

Let's pretend we have an An-450 to play with (it's TWICE the size of the Antonov An-225). It's had some interior decorating done and now sports a small onboard airfield for our ParkZone Vapor. Let's get that Vapor and fly it around inside this big ole Russian beast while we sit on the tarmac and wait to take off. The little Vapor flies around happily in circles.

Now we're flying home to Minneapolis for a visit. We're at like 30,000' AGL and we're going maybe 480mph groundspeed. We get bored with writing this analogy (the in-flight wifi is cool, though), so we pull out the Vapor and do some more flying. We're still just flying the Vape in circles, and by all counts the little thing seems to be doing fine.

Wait. Did I mention that the whole An-450 is made of glass? It's totally clear- in fact, we're not entirely sure if there's a plane there at all. We might as well be riding in a bubble of air moving at 480mph relative to the ground... Hang on. That sounds an awful lot like a description of wind

And yet that darn Vapor just keeps making those circles.
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