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Originally Posted by kinderkram View Post
What about a Hexa with only 5 motors?
Uhhh, that's a dangerous video! Now people will think that an X6 type multicopter can fly with 5 motors. This is physically not possible except a few special cases! And this video is a special case: Absolutly overpowered with no wind and only small pitch and roll inputs. In realistic cases the hex would go crazy. The problem with hexcopters and 5 motors is that every pitch and roll command will result in a yaw movement and every yaw movement will result in a pitch and roll movement. That's physics and independant of the attitude controller! So with quads in "normal" configurations with e.g. a camera as payload the will get uncontrolable in at least one axis.

So why does DJI claim that their X6 flys with 5 motors? According to their manual they seem to rely on their care free mode. The hexcopter will spin around the yaw axis quickly and with the care free mode it might be possible to land it safely. I wouldn't call this "controlled attitude" because yaw is not controlled anymore. But I guess that's what you call good advertisement ;-)

Conclusion: If you want a hazzle free redundant system: Take an octo!

But besides this: The Autoquad seems to be a very good project! Good job!

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