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I didn't hear the weird grindy noise. My mistake. I didn't realize that's what it was you were talking about. I'm still not convinced the iphone had anything to do with it. The rf band it operates in is nowhere near 2.4g or 72mhz. It's possible a harmonic could intersect the fequency, but at such a low power, it's not likely. It could be a bearing going bad. That could cause all the issues seen. Bad bearings can be grindy. A grindy bad bearing could also spike the amp draw, knocking down the voltage of the battery, and trip the LVC. The grinding metal against metal can also produce rf that can interfere with a wide swath of the rf spectrum.

EDIT:Actually, listening back to it, it sounds like the motor is spinning in the collet. Been there, done that. Check it out. If that's the case, you need to scruff up the motors output shaft, and make sure there's absolutely NO trace of any lubricant inside the collet./

BTW, yes I do soar. Nothing I'd consider putting a 2200 in, though. I've got a couple EasyGliders, one is pure glider, the other flies on a 1300 because I don't have anything smaller, and a fleet of busted up DLGs from my previous cycle F3K campaign. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but my buddy George went to Sweden and placed 2nd in the world, just behind Joe Wurts. As things are going right now, he's in a spot to make another run at the gold, and I still have a pile of broken gliders.
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