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Lol Cale. They travel easy and are easy to fix. Lol. I'm working my way towards a balsa. Hehe.

My edge needed some repair this evening. I got one great flight in on it including a Very very short field landing that was perfect. Lol. Of field of choice this evening had a dirt patch about 4 feet wide by about 8 feet long to land on. Was an iffy choice but the only one for the night. Friend of mine who I've flown with all weekend just wanted to see it fly and give it a try since he is considering buying one. Well he decided he is going to buy one which is awesome since it flies so well. His attempt at the landing tonight ended up 1 foot left and 1 foot short of the runway crunching the landing gear. Sliced back the foam in that area and managed to get it all glued back together with CA and reinforced a little bit more. its actually stronger than it was before.

Such a great flyer. Finally got comfortable with the weight of it on my 2nd flight with it today and really started trying stuff like I try with my other foamies. Amazing KE spins. Just nice and tight. I love this thing can't wait to fly some more with it.
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