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Originally Posted by golf_lake View Post
Just a heads up from my long term experiece of Fibre reinforced tapes.

I have used them over many years in a work related situation.

What I have found is they stick really well and are very strong when a tearing stress is applied.
This makes it great to reinforce and protect things like a wing or a fuse.

The down side is being a clear tape the glue is quickly effected by UV from the sun, firstly on first exposure can soften the glue and but over the long term will dry the glue and the clear part of the tape will break down.

I would not consider this type of tape for hinges.

The LHS sells hing tape or use the ones pictured a few pages back

Your tape my not be the same as I have used/use, just giving you guys a heads up what happens to the one I used over a period of time.
Hmmm, packing tape is a generic term. 3M makes a storage tape that's UV resistant and robust to a range of temperature. It's the 3650 series Storage Tape. It is recommended for 160 mph plus Ritewings. I also use the cross weaved 3M Extreme tape. This tape doesn't like UV (like most packing tapes). I sometimes paint it. I have used the 3M Extreme tape on this scratchbuilt delta.
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