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Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
I think that I need to buy an XT60 connector for the bullet battery and the Deans battery. And an XT60 connector for the esc. Then everything will be XT60.
Or is this stupid?
I wouldn't say stupid... because they're just beginner questions... We've all been there. Some of us forget that sometimes.

It wouldn't be a smart move to do it that way. It will work but it leaves you with a lot of plug in connections and adapters. That's never a good idea. Simply because connectors can and do fail sometimes and the more of them you have the more there is to go wrong.

Just buy two deans sockets and some heat shrink and solder those onto your batteries, and you're good to go. without all the additional adapter gadgets.

It's a good idea to standardise things so that all your batteries for all your planes use the same type of connector. It also then means that you only need to use one type of connector on your LiPo charger.

Try and remember that multiple connections mean multiple possible places for things to fail.

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