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Originally Posted by brillobrother View Post
hey everyone!
I got another question. I just got the new turnigy 9x v2 2.4ghz transmitter. I got everything connected to the receiver and all my rudder, elevator, pan, tilt and what not are All working fine. however, when I move the left stick up its suppose to make the motor spin/ work.. but its not. I have an FPV system set up. Ive got the motor connected to an ESC ( it has a BEC) connected to the servo and everything is connected to the correct channel. Why is my motor not working when I move the throttle up? If anyone can be of assistance that would be great!!
It's hard to know exactly how you have everything wired up and how the radio is programmed, so it could be a couple things.

1. Check your wiring; you should have all of the following connections.
- main battery connected to ESC (2 wires)
- motor connected to ESC (3 wires)
- ESC plugged into radio receiver in the correct channel, with the correct polarity

2. Check your radio programming.
I forget what the stock Turnigy firmware is like, but make sure it's programmed to the correct channel and has a 0-100% range.

3. Test your setup
- Remove the propellor from the motor, so you can't do any damage to anything if it starts unexpectedly.
- Ensure your transmitter is turned on first, and the correct model is selected.
- Plug in your ESC - you should see a light come on in the receiver and any connected servos should twitch.
- Your motor should make a few beeping tones.
- Increase the throttle - the motor should start turning. If it just keeps beeping, your throttle channel might be reversed. You need to reverse the throttle direction in the radio.

If you don't get any sounds from the motor, your wiring is wrong somewhere. Double-check all your electrical connections. You could even try plugging your ESC into a different channel (but be ready to unplug the battery) to see if it makes a difference.

If you still can't get any noise or response from the motor, either the ESC or the motor is probably faulty.

4. Calibrate your ESC.
To ensure you get a good gradual response from your motor, you need to tell the ESC where zero and full throttle are. The process can be a little different for each ESC type, but it usually goes like this:
- remove prop
- turn radio on
- move throttle stick to 100%
- plug in battery
- your motor should make the usual start-up noise, and then after a short pause, make another couple longer tones.
- during the longer tones, move the throttle stick on the radio to zero.
- you should hear a confirmation tone from the ESC
Your ESC is now calibrated to your radio. Test out the throttle range - moving the stick up slightly should start the motor spinning slowly, and it continue to increase speed evenly up to full speed when the stick is all the way up.
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