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Originally Posted by miru View Post
Iteration two is odd, when you start up with the TX off, the mod should wait with a single blink until you turn the TX on. Yours goes straight ahead waiting for the boot of the drone to finish. The mod should wait with 2 blinks if you turn on the TX and the flightmode is not LAND.
Observe what happens in Hyperterminal when you turn off the TX, at least one of the channels should turn red to signal RX failure.
I have a question: how far from zero does the throttle have to be to stop startup completing? Is there a certain amount of +/- either size of zero that is still seen as zero? I ask because my throttle is fairly sensitive on the + side and when the stick feels like it is centered ( a soft click, like the right stick ), it only takes a tiny touch on the stick to show +40 on the throttle in Hyperterminal. Could this be enough to stop the process? I've tried moving the throttle slowly across the centre position when it stalls, but it does not carry on, so I don't know if there is a time window I miss, if that is the cause.

If that's not it, I'm not sure when you mean the single blink should happen in attempt 2. The arduino LED flashing does slow down with the Tx off, part way through the drone startup. All the Drone LEDs are still red. That's what I use to tell me it's time for the Tx to be turned on, then the Arduino flashing speeds up. Not sure if I waited long enough before I turned on the Tx for that to be evident.

I can make another video with more of a closeup of the Nano if that would help. I just thought it might be useful to see all the LEDs on the drone at that distance.

Secondly, yes all the channels turn red when the Tx is turned off, which also leads me to apologise for a previous statement and question about the 'random' error message with Emergency mode. I misremembered what caused the error when I asked that. Sorry, and no error message appears above the channels in Hyperterminal when ESTP is generated - although it may be generated in some internal log, which is what your answer may have referred to.

It is when the Tx is turned off that the error above the channels says "?? Tx Error" in yellow, where '??' is any number between 1 and 13, then after about half a second it changes to red text "15 Rx down". Sometimes the ?? number changes to a different number in that half second, just before the red text appears.
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